The Early Fathers and Docterine

Kurt Dahlin November 20, 2003

  1. Trinitarian
    1. Gnosticism
    2. Jehovah’s Witnesses
    3. Mormons
    4. Unitarians
    5. Oneness
  2. Charismatic Power
    1. Dispensationalism non-Charismatic
    2. Cessationism non-Charismatic
    3. Naturalism
  3. Synergistic: cooperation with God
    1. Monergism: irresistible will of God
    2. Calvinism
  4. Foreknowledge of God
    1. Fatalism
    2. Determinism
    3. Stoicism
    4. Calvinism
    5. Open God
  5. Free will
    1. Calvinism: no cooperation between God and Man
    2. Predestination without any real human will
    3. Irresistible will of God
  6. Martyrs
    1. Prosperity: God wants you rich
  7. Post-tribulation second coming of Christ
    1. Pre-tribulation rapture
    2. Mid-tribulation rapture
  8. Premillennial second coming/literal
    1. Amillennialism/symbolic
  9. Literal millennium
    1. Symbolic millennium
  10.  Spiritual gift orientation
    1. Non-liturgical
    2. Non-sacramental
  11.  Heaven and Hell
    1. Purgatory
    2. Indulgences
    3. Merit pool of the Saints
  12.  Adult baptism for individual sin
    1. Infant baptism for Adam’s original sin
  13.  Priesthood of all believers
    1. Priesthood of only male believers
  14.  Matthew wrote the first gospel @ A.D. 35
    1. Mark wrote the first gospel @ A.D. 60-70
  15.  Full access for women to gospel ministry
    1. Limited access and limited ministry for women
  16.  Christ centered gospel preaching missionaries/evangelism
    1. Social centered non-gospel
  17.  Spontaneous conversion in response to the gospel message
    1. Sacramental salvation
    2. Holy buildings
    3. Priests and holy objects.
  18.  The Bible as final authority on doctrinal/moral issues
    1. Manmade tradition is equal with Scripture
  19.  Original sin: Adam’s sin was forgiven
    1. Adam was cut off and abandoned from God.
    2. Infants are damned to hell at birth in Adam.

20. Autocephalous

The Christian Church today is in a state of total anarchy. We would be so much happier and at peace if we simply picked up the baton passed down to us by the earliest Fathers. Each of these listed arenas of ancient orthodoxy is heavily contested today. The Fathers must be fought against, maligned, belittled and undermined in order for new and divergent views to prevail. If there is a choice to be made between doctrines today; the Fathers’ view should be fairly weighed and considered as a deciding factor.