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Kurt Dahlin 


INTERVIEW WITH A WITCH DOCTOR is a 22 page booklet featuring an intriguing and provocative account of a Hindu witch doctor that describes his pathway to dark spiritual power through Hindu rituals. Sundar Singh had 108 spirits in his control. He could command them to do his bidding. He turned spell casting into a lucrative business. He began learning the ancient secrets of witchcraft from his grandfather and from esoteric books. However, in just one day, Sundar completely renounced his spiritual powers and rejected Hinduism to become a servant of Jesus Christ. While in India, I had a rare opportunity to meet and interview this former Hindu witch doctor. 

Sundar is unspoiled by Western demonology. The Bible and personal experience with the spiritual world form a refreshing perspective on spiritual warfare. Some prominent Western Evangelicals are busy creating, organizing and systematizing a demonology for American churches. In the process we may have adopted deliverance procedures, which are too cumbersome. We also stumbled upon similarities between necromancy and invoking "saints" for favors. There is much we can learn from those Christians who war against evil spirits on a daily basis. 

The attractive booklet has a pathway to Christ at the end and serves as way to accept the deliverance provided by Jesus by his death on the cross.

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Kurt Dahlin earned a Master’s degree in Religion from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. He did in-depth biblical and cultural research into the area of gender studies that resulted in his Master’s thesis entitled: Jesus, Pentecost and Women in Ministry.  He was changed by the truth he encountered to be inclusive of women in all positions of Christian ministry. Pastor Dahlin has his brought ground breaking insight to life in this 8 CD audio series.


Christians view women through the lens of fallen culture from outside the Garden of Eden. We are therefore on the Wrong Side of Eden looking for the truth about gender issues. In this 8 part series we will re-examine Eden for God’s original created purpose for humans. An understanding of ancient culture and women is valuable to determine if the Christian response is polytheistic in nature. See the great impact that Jesus made on the women’s issue. Be able to correctly interpret the difficult Bible passages through the compassion of Jesus and the impact of the Holy Spirit. Learn the new paradigm that will free women to serve Jesus as intended by God. 


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• What is the Traditional Christian View of Women?
• Discover God’s original created purpose for humanity from inside Eden. 
• The Anthropology of Adam and Eve. Amazing lessons from Anthropology about the status of women globally.
• Are Women Man’s Little Helper or God's Helper?
• Is the Traditional View of women Christian or Culture? An understanding of the ancient cultural treatment of women is valuable to determine if the Christian response to women is polytheistic in nature. 
• Appreciate the radical and positive impact that Jesus made on the status of women. 
• The Easter Model. Why Jesus first appeared to women after the resurrection.
• Women in the New Testament: Be able to correctly interpret the difficult Bible passages through the compassion of Jesus and the impact of the Holy Spirit.
• Let A Woman Learn: Is a command ignored by the Church for 1,800 years.
• Women in the Reformation and Beyond


2011 Sermons

Pastor Kurt Dahlin

 This disk includes the complete set of sermons from 2011, including This We Believe: God, Man, Sin,  the Love Is series, 10 Christmas Sermons, and additional research materials with over 50 sermons, resources and digital presentations.

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